Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls

Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls
Fusix Corporation is a proud FortiPartner and has been involved with Fortinet since 2002.

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 FortiGate 100
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 FortiGate 200
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 FortiGate 300

Enterprise Models
 FortiGate 300A
 FortiGate 400
 FortiGate 400A
 FortiGate 500
 FortiGate 500A
 FortiGate 800
 FortiGate 1000

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 Business and Home Control

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 Website Hosting
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 Server Colocation

Security Products
 Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls
 Barracuda Networks Firewalls

Telephony Products
 TalkSwitch Phone Systems

Fusix: TalkSwitch Authorized Partner

FortiGuard Subscription Services
Fortinet's FortiGuard Subscription Services are security services that are created, updated and managed by a global team of Fortinet security professionals whom are working around the clock seven days a week to ensure that the latest attacks are detected and blocked before they can harm your corporate resources or infect your end-user computing devices.

Each FortiGuard Subscription Service is created with the latest security technology and designed to operate with the lowest possible operational costs with per-box licensing fees to offer unparalleled value. With the FortiGuard Subscription Services enabled, customers can rest assured that their FortiGate security platforms are performing optimally and protecting their corporate assets with the latest security technology at the best possible price.

   FortiGuard Antivirus Service
Fortinet’s FortiGuard Antivirus Service provides fully automated protection for FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls and keeps them fully up-to-date with the latest antivirus defenses against network-based threats.
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   FortiGuard IPS
Fortinet’s FortiGuard Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Service arms FortiGate customers with the latest defenses against stealthy, malicious and suspicious network activity.
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   FortiGuard Web Filtering Service
Fortinet's FortiGuard Web Filtering Service regulates and provides valuable insight into all web activities allowing customers to meet new Government Regulations, Educational Compliance, HR Policies and Corporate Internet Usage Policies.
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   FortiGuard Antispam Service
Fortinet's FortiGuard Antispam Service is designed to significantly eliminate the amount of "obvious spam" before it affects network resources.
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Fusix Corporation - Your Fortinet Partner
Fusix Corporation is a certified Fortinet Partner and provides competitive pricing on all Fortinet products and services. We have been involved with Fortinet products since 2002 and have extensive configuration and integration experience in networks of all sizes. For more information, please contact

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