Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls

Fortinet Antivirus Firewalls
Fusix Corporation is a proud FortiPartner and has been involved with Fortinet since 2002.

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FortiLog-100The FortiLog Family includes the FortiLog-100, 400, and 800 models which provide scalable levels of storage and FortiLog-400performance to meet a wide range of needs. Log records are transmitted from FortiGate units to FortiLog systems using encrypted VPN tunnels to ensure security. Capacities reach up to 360GB of log data and RAID levels (0, 1, and 5) can be selected to support desired trade-offs between capacity and data assurance. Built-in log analysis provides a central point for consistent analysis of network utilization, web activity and attack activity across multiple FortiGate systems.

FortiLog-800The FortiLog Family provides secure data aggregation from multiple FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls. They provide network capacity and utilization data that enables network administrators to plan and manage networks more efficiently.

FortiMail Secure Messaging Platform
With the volume of spam expected to reach over 30 billion messages worldwide per day by 2006, corporate mail servers and user mailboxes are becoming overwhelmed, wasting corporate resources and decreasing employee productivity. The need to combat spam and ensure message integrity and hygiene is more important than ever. Fortinet's FortiMail Secure Messaging Platform provides optimum configuration flexibility with enterprise-class antispam and antivirus features to secure mission critical email applications. Built on Fortinet's award winning FortiOS and FortiASIC technology, FortiMail's antivirus technology extends full content inspection capabilities to detect the most advanced email threats.

FortiMail-400The FortiMail-400 is optimized for medium sized enterprise customers, delivering a wealth of reliable and high performance features to detect, tag, and block spam messages and their malicious attachments.

It features a high-performance hardened operating system with RAID storage system for redundancy and supports a rich set of multi-layered spam detection and filtering technologies with global and per-user spam policies for maximum configuration flexibility. The FortiMail-400 receives secure automatic updates of AV signatures and detection engine ensure the latest protection against spam, viruses, worms, and other malicious attachments

The FortiManager System is an integrated management and monitoring tool that enables enterprises and service providers to easily manage large numbers of FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls. It minimizes the administrative effort required to deploy, configure, monitor, and maintain the full range of network protection services provide by FortiGate devices, supporting the needs of enterprises and service providers responsible for establishing and maintaining security policies across multiple, dispersed FortiGate installations.


Key FortiManager Features
  • Comprehensive element management capabilities centralize configuration and monitoring of all FortiGate network protection functions.
  • Powerful role-based administration.
  • Provides a central point for monitoring system status, traffic and threat activity.
  • Robust, hardened FortiManager Server platform eases deployment and provides increased security and reliability.
Fusix Corporation - Your Fortinet Partner
Fusix Corporation is a certified Fortinet Partner and provides competitive pricing on all Fortinet products and services. We have been involved with Fortinet products since 2002 and have extensive configuration and integration experience in networks of all sizes. For more information, please contact

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