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Fusix Corporation is a proud TalkSwitch Partner and has been involved with TalkSwitch since 2005.

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TalkSwitch: Revolutionary PBX Phone Systems for small and multi-location businesses
TalkSwitch comes with features that other companies charge extra for ó Voicemail, Auto Attendants, sophisticated call management and innovative Remote Extensions that connect mobile phones and teleworkers. TalkSwitch can be up and running in an hour, and changing settings is a snap with the included software. No need for specialized telephones, either; TalkSwitch is compatible with standard analog telephones, so it works with existing phone sets ó corded or cordless.

A world of connections for small and multi-location businesses: TalkSwitch is a SIP-based hybrid phone system that can be connected to both the traditional telephone network and the Internet. With broadband access, and the optional VoIP module, businesses can place branch-to-branch calls over the Internet and access SIP-based service provider networks.

Need to integrate distant teleworkers or small branch offices with your TalkSwitch system? TalkSwitch VoIP gateways extend the reach of your TalkSwitch, delivering the benefits of the 48-CVA to even your smallest locations.

Modular architecture for flexible growth: Built with an upgradeable, modular architecture, TalkSwitch does expansion differently; you donít need costly technical help or complex documentation. Just snap in an expansion board or connect additional units over the LAN. TalkSwitch does the rest.

Start with the phone system that fits today and add capacity in units of 4 lines/8 extensions or VoIP capability in units of 4 trunks when you need it. TalkSwitch accommodates from 1 to 32 users per location and connects multiple locations over the Internet for feature-rich, economical integration.

TalkSwitch 24-CA TalkSwitch 280vs/284vs TalkSwitch 48-CA TalkSwitch 48-CVA

TalkSwitch TS-80 TalkSwitch TS-200 TalkSwitch TS-400 TalkSwitch TS-600

Fusix Corporation - Your Authorized TalkSwitch Partner
Fusix Corporation is an Authorized TalkSwitch Partner and provides competitive pricing on all TalkSwitch products. We have been involved with TalkSwitch products since 2005 and have extensive configuration and integration experience in businesses of all sizes. For more information, please contact

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