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Fusix Corporation is a proud TalkSwitch Partner and has been involved with TalkSwitch since 2005.

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TalkSwitch Handsets

TalkSwitch TS-80, click for larger image TalkSwitch TS-80 Handset       Datasheet
With rich features and a price that appeals to even the smallest of businesses, the TS-80 is the ideal basic business telephone set for functionality and style on a budget.

Features Include:
    - Speakerphone
    - Caller ID display
    - Six one-touch feature keys
    - Message waiting indicator
    - Intercom and group paging capability

Additional Features: Adjustable backlit LCD display, Data port, Message waiting counter, 99 name/number caller ID log, Intercom and group paging capability, Hearing aid compatibility

TalkSwitch TS-200, click for larger image TalkSwitch TS-200 Handset       Datasheet
With its sleek design and impressive features, the TalkSwitch TS-200 telephone is the ideal phone set for growing businesses. Designed exclusively for use with TalkSwitch telephone systems, the TS-200 is powerful but user-friendly.

Features include:
    - Business-quality speakerphone
    - Caller ID display
    - Hands-free paging
    - Message waiting indicator
    - 10 programmable softkeys

Additional Features: Headset support, Call Waiting, Multiple ringtones, Call timer, 99-entry caller ID log, Ring once option, Mute button, Conference calling, Do-not-disturb settings, Data port and Direct line access mode.

TalkSwitch TS-400, click for larger image TalkSwitch TS-400 Handset       Datasheet
With a business-class speakerphone and a host of terrific features, the TS-400 is an ideal all-around business phone. Boasting a large display and a dozen one-touch feature buttons for quick access to commonly used features, the TS-400 packs a punch at a great price. And like all our phones, the TS-400 is built for smooth integration with TalkSwitch telephone systems.

Features Include:
    - Business-Class Speakerphone
    - 2.5 mm headset jack
    - Separate Headset Controls
    - Adjustable Backlit Display
    - Data Port
    - Handfree Intercom and Group Paging
    - Message Waiting Count Indicator
    - 99 Entry Phone Book and Call Log
    - Redial upto 32 digits

Additional Features: Headset support, Call Waiting, Conference calling, Do-not-disturb settings, Hearing aid compatibility, Data port and Direct line access mode.

TalkSwitch TS-600, click for larger image TalkSwitch TS-600 Handset       Datasheet
The perfect phone for those who understand that every call counts. A premium business speakerphone, the TS-600 features a large adjustable backlit LCD display for increased readability, an efficient and user-friendly interface for maximum productivity and features designed to work seamlessly with your TalkSwitch telephone system.

The TS-600 has superior sound quality. It includes a high performance speakerphone and full headset integration, with two headset ports, a dedicated headset button and a built-in amplifier.

Single Cord Convenience: The TS-600 can be powered through the included phone cable. Only one cable connects to the phone, making installation easier and requiring one less cable on the desktop.

Designed for TalkSwitch: The TS-600, in combination with TalkSwitch telephone systems, provides unique features such as Message Waiting Count Indicator, Handsfree Intercom and Group Paging.

Features Include:
    - Superior Speakerphone
    - Context-Sensitive Menus
    - Softkey Access to TalkSwitch Features
    - RJ22 and 2.5 mm headset jacks with amplifier.
    - Dedicated Headset Button
    - Large Adjustable Backlit Display
    - Data Port
    - Combined Power/Telephone Cord
    - 7 Programmable Keys
    - Handfree Intercom and Group Paging
    - Message Waiting Count Indicator
    - 99 Entry Phone Book and Call Log
    - Direct Line Access Mode
    - Multiple Ring Tones
    - Last 5 Number Redial List
    - Caller ID and Call Waiting Indication
    - Call Timer

Fusix Corporation - Your Authorized TalkSwitch Partner
Fusix Corporation is an Authorized TalkSwitch Partner and provides competitive pricing on all TalkSwitch products. We have been involved with TalkSwitch products since 2005 and have extensive configuration and integration experience in businesses of all sizes. For more information, please contact

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