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Fusix: TalkSwitch Authorized Partner

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Tuesday, November 07 2006: TalkSwitch Releases v4.0

Fusix is proud to announce the launch of TalkSwitch's much awaited v4.0 firmware!

TalkSwitch 4.0 Features

IP phone support *: Supported 3rd party IP Phones can be used as an alternative to analog local extensions on your TalkSwitch system. Supported phones include Polycom 30x, 430x, 50x and 60x series, Grandstream GXP-2000 and Counterpath Eyebeam softphone.

E-mail notification for voicemail messages *: When a new message is recorded in your TalkSwitch mailbox, notification e-mails can be sent to addresses of your choice. For added convenience you can choose to attach the voicemail to the e-mail.

Holiday Mode: An additional mode allows you to handle incoming calls differently on holidays (or any special day). Specify a list of holidays using the easy calendar window, and instruct TalkSwitch how to manage your calls on those days.

Carrier Codes for outgoing calls: If you prefer to use a specific phone carrier for certain types of calls, TalkSwitch can automatically insert the carrier code for you. Take advantage of the best phone rates and features, either all day, or between certain hours - TalkSwitch gives you the power.

Access Permissions: Ensure that outgoing calls are only made from authorized extensions and/or users. Prevent unwanted calls on your lines. Set up "house phones" that cannot be used for outside calls, but retain the rich feature set for intercom calls.

More Remote Extensions: Release 4.00 offers 10 remote extensions and 10 remote extension mailboxes per unit (formerly 8).

VoIP location numbers in call cascades *: Release 4.00 makes it easy to configure incoming calls to forward to a VoIP location (250-299) if an extension is not immediately available.

Auto Attendant and Mailbox names: For convenience auto attendants and voice mailboxes can be given names. The names appear throughout the configuration software for ease of use.

Improved automatic software updates: TalkSwitch now automatically checks for software updates, alerts you only when an update is available, and assists in the update.

Easy product registration: Follow a new registration link to ensure that your product is properly registered in our database.

New and improved product documentation.

Performance improvements and fixes based on testing and field experience.

* not applicable to 24-CA, which does not have networking capability.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Fusix Team.

Team Fusix
Tel: 613-384-6610
Fax: 613-634-9859
E-Mail: support@fusix.com

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