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Tuesday, August 07 2007: TalkSwitch Call Reporting

Fusix is pleased to announce the release of TalkSwitch's Call Reporting Software.

TalkSwitch Call Reporting allows users to generate reports on all system activity, including call volumes and traffic, call duration, the time callers spend in the queue and number of unanswered calls. Every activity on a TalkSwitch system can be tracked and reported on. Users are able to assign built-in account codes so they can accurately bill clients for telephone charges, and management can monitor the real-time call activity of particular departments. The application makes it easy to see how phone lines are being utilized and whether lines should be added or subtracted.

“Our Call Reporting software gives users the ability to analyze call activity and distill the information they need to save money and manage their businesses more efficiently,” said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, TalkSwitch. “Like all of our new software products, Call Reporting adds tremendous functionality and value for our customers, and sets TalkSwitch even further apart from the competition as the best phone system for small business.”

TalkSwitch Call Reporting is available in two versions, Advanced and Premium. The Premium version includes automated hotel/motel guest check in/out, one-click billing with the ability to set call rates, support for multiple locations, and e-mail alerts on prohibited systems activity.

For more information, please contact Fusix TalkSwitch Sales or call us at 613-384-6610.

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Fusix is a privately-held new-media and e-business solutions firm that has provided specialised consulting, development and managed services since 2001. Its flagship product, the SmartHost Control Panel, is used by thousands of people every day. For more information, please contact the Fusix Sales Department.

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