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Sunday, July 27 2008: TalkSwitch Releases v6.10

Fusix is proud to announce the launch of TalkSwitch's new v6.10 firmware!

New Features
Plug-and-play TalkSwitch IP phones:
The most owner-friendly phone system makes it quicker and easier to add feature-rich TalkSwitch IP sets. When you add a TalkSwitch IP set to your network, your phone system will detect the new phone, and make adding it to your system a snap! You can even assign the extension number you want directly from the newly-connected TalkSwitch IP set, and TalkSwitch takes care of the rest.

Caller-ID based incoming call routing:
Assign special treatment to incoming calls from specific numbers or types of numbers. Specify up to 200 full or partial number patterns, private numbers, long distance numbers, and have them routed the way you want. Make sure that head office reaches you directly, and the telemarketers don't!

Caller-ID name substitution:
Replace the caller-ID number for an incoming call with a name and/or number of your choosing ("Alpha-tagging").

System speed dials:
Store up to 100 system-wide speed dials. Reach important numbers from any phone on your TalkSwitch system, quickly and reliably.

Hunt group balancing and overflow options:
Choose from several options to ensure that your outgoing calls find and use phone lines in the best way possible for your business. Balance the use of your phone lines to minimize usage charges. Switch between PSTN and VoIP to find available lines when your system is busy, to ensure your call gets through.

You can now set a regular extension to immediately dial a specified number when you pick up the phone, or set an IP phone for 1-button hotline dialing. It's instant calling when you need it most.

Dial 0/9 for operator:
If your phone system users need 1-digit dialing to reach an operator, or any system resource (voicemail, auto-attendant, ring group, etc.), set it up with the click of a mouse.

Save or delete voicemail from e-mail:
Need to save or delete a voicemail that your TalkSwitch system has e-mailed you? No problem - send your TalkSwitch system an e-mail and it takes care of the rest!

Phone system improvements:
We've included numerous improvements suggested by customers, partners and our own team to add power and value to your phone system.

Firewall/NAT Traversal diagnostics:
The performance of networked phone systems often depends on router settings. A new Check Firewall diagnostic confirms whether your network is set up to successfully manage your phone system traffic. When you need answers TalkSwitch delivers.

Built-in help files:
Need information to help you configure your TalkSwitch phone system? Release 6.10 software provides our best built-in help on every page - all the answers you need are just a click away.

Documentation improvements:
In addition to the built-in help files, this release installs documents and links to other helpful resources, in your language of choice.

Multiple system file update management:
Administrators of multiple TalkSwitch systems can better manage synchronized phone system file updates from a central location. The new Firmware Auto-Update feature enables an administrator, reseller, or integrator to distribute file updates to multiple systems using a TFTP server and Syslog tool. Keeping your systems up-to-date and synchronized is now simpler, quicker and more reliable.

Existing TalkSwitch customers can download the new release by visiting www.talkswitch.com/support. New TalkSwitch systems will come preloaded with the software.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Fusix Team.

Team Fusix
Tel: 613-384-6610
Fax: 613-634-9859
E-Mail: support@fusix.com

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