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Thursday, November 12 2009: TalkSwitch Releases v6.12

Fusix is proud to announce the launch of TalkSwitch's new v6.12 firmware!

New Features in Release 6.12
Best performance:
Software version 6.12 builds on suggestions from our reseller partners, customers and team to add performance, power and value to your phone system.

This release provides a wealth of improvements to optimize installation and give you best-in-class phone system performance. It also includes important improvements for managing firmware files in multiple-unit networks. We highly recommend all customers update to this version of TalkSwitch software.

Superb audio:
Get industry-leading audio performance for your small business phone system. The innovative TalkSwitch Line Optimizer precisely matches your phone system to your telephone lines to deliver superb call quality.

Not all lines are created equal, especially in the IP telephony world. TalkSwitch Line Optimizer provides the right set-up, even for complex installations.

Support for two exceptional new phones:
6.12 supports two new IP phones, the TalkSwitch TS-350i and TS-550i.

These sophisticated, easy-to-use phones feature crystal-clear sound and exceptional speakerphones. They have big, bright multicolor programmable appearance keys for one-touch access to lines, extensions, queues, voicemail, system speed dials, call park/unpark, call pickup, PA paging and more, for key-system type operation.

Support for the new TS-9143i phone, successor to the TS-9133i phone:
The TS-9143i picks up where the 9133i left off. Same good looks, same great features as the TS-9133i, but built on a newer generation of hardware and firmware. As with any of the phone models we no longer manufacture, the TS-9133i remains fully supported with our latest software.

Automatic VoIP service provider configuration:
TalkSwitch makes setting up a VoIP account easier than ever by automatically completing most of the configuration needed to register with approved Service Providers. Once you've input your account-specific information, TalkSwitch software takes care of the rest.

Windows 7 compatible for network-connected TalkSwitch systems:
If you connect to your TalkSwitch system via your local area network and you've upgraded to Windows 7, you'll need this latest version of TalkSwitch software. Note: USB connection to TalkSwitch is not presently supported for Windows 64-bit operating systems.

Updated built-in help files:
All the information you need to configure your TalkSwitch phone system is built in to each page of software. Click the help icon on any page to get all your answers and more.

Note: 6.12 is a required update for future software releases:
To continue receiving free TalkSwitch software updates containing new features and product improvements, your system will require Release 6.12.

Existing TalkSwitch customers can download the new release by visiting www.talkswitch.com/support. New TalkSwitch systems will come preloaded with the software.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Fusix Team.

Team Fusix
Tel: 613-384-6610
Fax: 613-634-9859
E-Mail: support@fusix.com

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